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The National Miners' Memorial

Commissioned by: Chase Arts for Public Spaces

Materials: Stone and Bronze

Height: 2 Metres

Location: National Memorial Arboretum

The project was initiated and run by CHAPS who felt that the contribution made by miners throughout two world wars, was worthy of national recognition. It was also felt that the sacrifices made by the men, women and children who worked in mining should also be afforded this recognition. 
The design of the memorial is a twelve metre bronze frieze that represents a seem of coal running diagonally through the rock. This seem is being worked like a drift mine and the figures, which appear upon it, portray an historical timeline that charts the history of coal mining. Also on the frieze are figures that represent the WW1 tunnelers who worked and died beneath no man's land on the western front. It was unveiled in 2021 by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

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