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“This tasteful Memorial is a huge credit to your artistic vision, craftsmanship and sensitivity.”
“…its quality and effect exceeds my expectations.”
Brigadier NC Jackson MBE


"It is a very powerful piece of work. The youth and utter innocence of the lad is very apparent"
Commander David Childs CBE (Founder of the NMA)

 "A great piece of art but more importantly a simple but wonderfully appropriate recognition of an act of humanity on a grand scale by a modest and unassuming man. You have captured that whole concept in a magnificent way which actually demonstrates your own humanity."

Micheal Smith (Author)


"Andy DeComyn's statue will, I feel, be a fitting and moving tribute to those who have lost their lives"
John Monks (General secretary of the TUC)


"It is a magnificent statue, and must give you immense pride"
Major General Corran Purdon CBE MC CPM


"It represented just what our members wanted"  "...the Chief of the Air Staff who, by his questions and interest, showed just how impressed he was with your creation."
Air Vice Marshall G C Lamb CB CBE AFC FBIM


"It is so beautifully conceived and sensitively executed, that I found it both moving and haunting. It is a great tribute to the sculptor Andy DeComyn."
Rupert Montague Martin (Advocates of Justice)

 "It's as if we are reaching back more than sixty years to be with him. So many thanks for your brilliant achievement"

David Higgs


"It's a beautiful piece that captures the heritage of the area"
Janet Solan


"This piece is a fine example of the traditional and modern coming together for the benefit of everyone"
Martin Purcell 

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