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Andy DeComyn. BA Hons. b. 1966


1984-1986 Studied Art at Bournville College of Art
1987 Studied Sculpture at Stafford Polytechnic under Stuart Osbourne RA
1997-2000 Studied for BA at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design UCE 


Major Commissions:


1998 Life size figure of child 
Acorns Children's Hospice

2000 Memorial to the Shot at Dawn 
National Memorial Arboretum

2001 Berlin Airlift Memorial (pylon)
National Memorial Arboretum

2002 WW1 Pipers Memorial 

2003 Sealife sculpture
Caldmore Primary School

2005 Holocaust Memorial

2006 ATS Memorial
National Memorial Arboretum

2007 Mercian Volunteers Memorial
National Memorial Arboretum

2007 Community Sculpture
Bentillee Housing Estate
Stoke on Trent

2008 Siginters Memorial

2009 The Last Shift
Greater Manchester
(Nominated for Urban Design Awards)

2012 Dakota Park Sculptures

2013 Kempsey FLAG Stone

2015 Rugeley Miners Memorial

Rugeley, Staffordshire

2016 Stone seats

Bordesley Abbey, Redditch, Worcestershire

2016 Sundial

Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge

2017 Gable artwork

Blackwell First School, Worcestershire

2018 Frank Foley statue

Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge
2019 Sanders Park Tree Carvings
Sanders Park, Bromsgrove
2019 Rugeley Memorial Wall
Rugeley, Staffordshire
2019 Kingswood Chapel War Memorial
Wythall, Worcestershire
2021 WRAC Memorial
National Memorial Arboretum
2021 WRAF Memorial
National Memorial Arboretum
2021 Positivity Rocks
Redditch, Worcestershire
2021 Benjamin Sanders
Sanders Park, Bromsgrove
2021 National Miners' Memorial
National Memorial Arboretum


Major Press:


19th Feb. 2000 The Guardian page 9
27th Feb. 2000 Sunday Mercury page 13
29th May 2000 The Times page 8
11th Nov. 2000 The Irish Post page 12
April 2000 Art Review
5th Jan. 2001 The Daily Telegraph page 1
7th Jan. 2001 Corriere della Serra (Italy)
8th Jan. 2001 Algemeen Dagblad (Holland)
22nd June. 2001 The Mirror page 21
22nd June. 2001 Daily Mail page 10-11
22nd June. 2001 The Guardian page 11
22nd June. 2001 The Independent page 6
22nd June. 2001 The Times page 3
22nd June. 2001 The Daily Telegraph page 13
22nd June. 2001 The Birmingham Post page 1
9th July. 2001 Der Spiegel (Germany) page 193 
25th August. 2001 The Guardian Review page 9
November. 2001 After the Battle page 50-55+Back cover
11th July 2004 The New York Time
21st July 2002 Le Courrier Picard (France) page 15
19th June 2006 Express and Star page 8
17th July 2006 Daily Mail pages 20-21
16th August 2006 Daily Telegraph Page 1
12th November 2006 The Universe pages 16-17
19th Feb. 2009 The Bolton News
2nd Nov. 2009 Daily Mail
13th Nov. 2011 Daily Mirror 
6th June 2012 Warrington Guardian 
10th Aug. 2015 Birmingham Mail
1st Dec. 2015 Birmingham Mail
26th Apr. 2016 The Times
30th Apr. 2016 The Times
7th May 2016 i Weekend

18th Sep. 2018 Daily Telegraph

18th Sep. 2018 Daily Mail

18th Sep 2018 Daily Mirror

!8th Sep. 2018 Sky News

Major Radio:


22nd June. 2001 BBC Radio 4 Today, World at One, PM.

Major Television:


14th Jan. 2001 "Shot at Dawn" (Scope Productions)
22nd June. 2001 BBC Lunchtime News, 6 o'clock News, 
10 o'clock News.
22nd June. 2001 ITN Lunchtime News, Early Evening News, 
News at Ten
22nd June. 2001 Sky News Hourly Bulletins
22nd June. 2001 BBC News 24 Hourly Bulletins
22nd June. 2001 Channel 4 News
2nd January 2007 “Not Forgotten” Channel 4
13th Nov. 2011 Antiques Roadshow BBC1 
10th April 2013 ITV Central News

12th April 2018 BBC Midlands Today

18th Sep. 2018 ITN lunchtime and evening news

18th Sep. 2018 BBC Lunchtime and evening news

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